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Ricoh buys Pentax Imaging Systems from Hoya Corporation

Pentax Q
Ricoh is to buy Pentax, the manufacturer of the Pentax Q which was announced last week

Pentax has announced that Ricoh has purchased the Pentax Imaging Systems division from Hoya Corporation.

The agreement will see the transfer of developing, manufacturing and selling optical instruments including digital cameras, lenses, and digital camera accessories to Ricoh.

The current owners of Pentax, Hoya, will continue to develop businesses gained from Pentax in the original 2008 merger including digital camera modules.

Pentax Q

Pentax currently sells a range of DSLRs and compact cameras, including the Pentax Q which was launched last week.

Ricoh has been manufacturing cameras since the 1930s and today includes a range of digital compacts, including the GXR, the first camera with interchangeble sensor units.