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New Stealth Gear square filter system revealed

Stealth Gear Filter system
The new Stealth Gear filter system is compatible with the Cokin P System

Stealth Gear, a manufacturer of outdoor photography clothing and wildlife watching supplies, has announced a new line of square filters.

The filters are made from organic glass and are designed for use by photographers for a variety of techniques, including reducing the amount of light reaching the sensor for longer exposures, cutting reflections and altering the colour of a scene.

Consisting of 3 components (an adapter ring, filter holder and the filter itself), the universal system is also compatible with Cokin P system filters, which are designed for enthusisat and professional photographers using lenses with filter thread diameters from 28mm and above.


A choice of the following 10 filters is available:

  • ND2 Grey
  • ND4 Grey
  • ND8 Grey
  • Gradual Grey
  • Gradual Blue
  • Gradual Brown
  • Sunset
  • Circular polariser
  • Star 4
  • Star 8

The filters come in a soft bag for protection.

According to the Stealth Gear website, the filters are also lightweight and highly resistant to shocks.

The filters will be available for a number of lens sizes ranging from 49-52mm to 82-86mm.

Stealth Gear is the leading manufacturer of outdoor photography clothing, photography hides and wildlife watching supplies and provide equipment mainly for professional photographers.