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Microsoft wants to turn Skype into iMessage

Windows 10
Skype vs iMessage: who will win?

Microsoft is heavily integrating Skype into its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, and it looks like it's taken a leaf from Apple's book.

At a recent press event Microsoft showed off various features of Windows 10, including a revamped built-in Messages app with integrated Skype that lets you make and receive video and audio calls alongside instant messages.

All messages sent via the app will be synced over any PCs, tablets and phones that you use the app on.

It all sounds very exciting and innovatve but the screenshots Microsoft showed, as well as some of the features of the app, are very reminiscent of Apple's iMessage service. For example, you won't need to know a contact's Skype username to message them, you can just use their phone number.

Although Apple might have got there first with a few of the features, Microsoft does have a clear advantage, as iMessage is only available on Apple products. Skype, meanwhile, is available on Android, BlackBerry, Windows and even Apple products as well.

Via The Verge