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Next major Windows Phone update due by Christmas

Next major Windows Phone update due by Christmas
Windows Phone - big changes coming

Microsoft is advertising for a new software development engineer and the job ad let slip that the next big Windows Phone release is on schedule for 'the holiday of this year'.

Now, we're not sure what exactly this next big release will be called - it's currently codenamed Windows Phone Blue but whether it will launch as Windows Phone 8.5 or Windows Phone 9 or something completely different is anyone's guess at this point.

There's a chance that Microsoft will hold Windows Phone 9 back until it launches Windows 9 - but although the company has said it won't be leaving it as long between Windows versions any more, we'd still expect it to be at least another year before Windows 9 comes to fruition.

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If you're a Windows Phone user and you're annoyed that you won't be getting an update until Christmas then never fear: we're expecting two smaller software releases before Blue hits handsets.

The releases, known as GDR2 and GDR3, should bring some performance improvements and bug fixes with them, whereas Blue will be a jazzier update to look forward to.

From Microsoft via WMPowerUser