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Twitter: The slacker's protest tool of choice

Richard Cobbett
Twitter is the slackers tool of choice when it comes to protesting about stuff we don't want to get tear-gassed for

Mob rule is great fun. Never having been an activist myself – I gave up meat once, but only until I remembered that dead animals are delicious – I've never really had the experience of sitting out in the cold and wet, waving placards at impassive politicians and trying to change the world with slogans.

Still, I won't deny that a little anarchy can be good for the soul, so like everyone who wants to shout and scream without getting tear-gassed in the face, I like Twitter.

Revolution in 140 characters! Resistance as a timewaster, but not necessarily a waste of time!

Just remind me: what are we rebelling against at the moment? No, no, doesn't matter! It's probably important, so I'll just turn my avatar puce in protest anyway, and slap this #cradlebridge hashtag on the end of my cutting political commentary.

Rebel, rebel