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Blu-ray body still looking to gaming industry

Blu-ray - only supported by one console
Blu-ray - only supported by one console

The Blu-ray Disc Association believes that the latest innovations in the technology will be a boon for the games industry, with the likes of Sharp's new 100GB capable BDXL upping storage significantly.

The PS3 is currently the only console to offer Blu-ray support, and it can only currently read a dual-layered 50GB disc.

But the BDA believes that spinning media still has a future in gaming - despite the growing weight behind downloaded content.


"The ambition of [games] developers is unlimited and therefore you will see new and exciting innovations that could well require additional storage capacity," European Blu-ray Disc Association chairman Graham Heaton told CVG.

"Blu-ray is in a position to be able to grow with the industry and ensure that disc storage capacity can support the ambitions of the developers."

Of course, 50Gb is a lot of storage already, but games have traditionally been the most storage hungry pieces of software.