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Smarten up your PC gaming rig with Cosmos S

Cooler S - smarten up your overheating gaming PC

As far as PC casings go, it’s hard to feign much excitement about yet another new way for keen fans of overclocking and bleeding edge PC gaming to mod their kit, though this latest Cosmos S from Cooler Master did raise a few eyebrows in the TechRadar office when we saw it this week.

Cooler Master has a reputation for delivering quality kit and this newest Cosmos S casing features a 200mm (150CFM) fan for keeping your video card ice cold, a mesh front and three 120mm fans built into the top of the case.

As well as keeping your sweating PC cool, the Cosmos S also looks the part. The design aesthetic is a little more refined than, for example, Alienware’s over-the-top gaming rigs and the little elements of the design, such as the touch sensitive power button, really do impress your mates. (If your mates are hardcore PC gaming geeks, that is).

Strictly for hardcore gamers, the Cosmos S is out very soon and will set you back around $249/£125.