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Incomparable email security from a passionate team

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TechRadar Verdict

Tutanota is an outstanding secure email provider with a dedication to privacy and anonymity.


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    Incredibly secure

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    Easy to use

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    Free plan available


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    48-hour verification process

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    Email support only for low-tier plans

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With so much sensitive information passing between smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets, it’s no wonder that in recent years, consumers have become acutely aware of the privacy concerns that plague traditional email providers. Secure email is big business, and Tutanota (opens in new tab) is one of the best secure email providers (opens in new tab) available, enabling users to take advantage of an unrivaled level of encryption. 

Tutonota claims to be the world's most secure email provider and has an ease of use that makes it possible for regular users to take advantage of this enhanced privacy. Read this Tutanota review to find out if the provider lives up to these claims.


Tutanota’s Business plans start at €2 ($2.36) per user per month (Image credit: Tutanota)

Plans and pricing

There are three private plans available, ranging from a free plan (opens in new tab) to a Teams plan costing €4 ($4.72) per user per month on an annual basis. Business plans start at €2 ($2.36) per user per month for the Premium plan (opens in new tab), €5 ($5.90) per user per month for the Teams plan (opens in new tab), and €7 ($8.27) per user per month for the Pro plan (opens in new tab). All these plans are annual payments; monthly payments are slightly more costly.

In terms of benefits, the key difference between Tutanota’s Business plans is the storage limit. While the Premium plan provides 1GB of storage, the more advanced plans enable users to store up to 10GB of data.

Other than this, the top-tier plan enables users to have 20 aliases, while the bottom two enable just five. Furthermore, Tutanota’s Pro plan also includes more options for customization, including logos and designs, and access to the email server from a bespoke company website. 


Tutanota claims to be the most secure email provider available (Image credit: Tutanota)


Tutanota claims to be the first email service to provide customers with end-to-end encryption over their entire mailbox, including their address book and calendar. The company is very much a grassroots organization dedicated to security and privacy. 

Tutanota makes it easy to work with secure email by automatically encrypting your messages. The platform also provides automatic backups stored on the same secure servers used for business emails.

With Tutanota, it’s possible to create a white-label design for your mailbox. This includes options to add company logos and brand colors. You can also customize the domain name (opens in new tab) and include your own unique business address. 

User management on Tutanota is controlled via a central admin console. Here, you can add or remove users at your will. You can also manage alias addresses. 

One interesting feature of Tutanota is the option to add an encrypted contact form (opens in new tab) to your website. This will enable any communication through your company site to benefit from the same security features that you receive with the regular Tutanota mailbox.

The inbox uses an encrypted search facility. Users can search the body of an email on their own devices without compromising their security or privacy. 


Tutanota is easy to navigate (Image credit: Tutanota)

Interface and in use

Signing up to Tutanota is quick and easy. Once you have decided on a password, you will need to complete a Captcha form. Next, you’ll receive a backup recovery code. Finally, your account will be put forward for manual approval, which can take up to 48 hours. While the account is being approved, you can’t send or receive any emails.

The interface is straightforward to navigate and cleanly presented. It’s easy to toggle between your mailboxes, and there aren’t any unnecessary widgets or buttons. Selecting the settings cog icon opens the full feature list, but understanding and accessing these additional features is simple enough. 

Besides the web app, you can access your Tutanota mailbox from Android and iOS apps and Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktop apps. 


Tutanota’s support services are slightly underwhelming (Image credit: Tutanota)


General support for Tutanota is provided by a dedicated FAQ section on the provider’s website. The list is extensive, and most people will probably find the answer that they are looking for here.

Otherwise, the lowest tiered Business plan users benefit from ticketed email support, while Premium Business plan users are prioritized. There is also an active Reddit forum where Tutanota communicates with its customer base. However, the absence of phone support is a little disappointing. 


Tutanota’s security features are market leading (Image credit: Tutanota)


Unsurprisingly, Tutannota is packed with security features. Besides end-to-end encryption across the platform, Tutanota users benefit from TLS, MTA-STS, Perfect Forward Secrecy, DMARC, DNSSEC, and DKIM. Built-in encryption also enables users to benefit from secure cloud services.

The platform provides two-factor authentication (2FA (opens in new tab)) using a dedicated authenticator app and with the use of a U2F hardware token. Data is stored on company-managed secure servers based in Germany. Tutanota is also an open source (opens in new tab) project, so all of the company’s code is available for independent reviews. 

The competition

Protonmail (opens in new tab) is the biggest competitor to Tutanota. Both services benefit from zero-knowledge architecture, making it impossible for anyone but a verified user to access email. However, Protonmail does not encrypt email subject lines. Tutanota also works out cheaper on comparative plans. 

Mailfence (opens in new tab) is another well-known secure email provider, but unlike Tutanota, it is only browser-based.

Final verdict

Tutanota provides users with an exceptional level of security and privacy. The service is affordable and incredibly easy to access. Support features are lacking, and a 48-hour verification process might put off some users, but if security is your primary concern when choosing an email provider, there's not much better than Tutanota.

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