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Sapling is a cloud-based HR suite that is designed to automate the HR processes in your company. It is packed with powerful features that are easy to use, and the tool can help workplaces become more organized and connected. The only downside is that there is no Android or iOS app. It has monthly subscription plans but their prices depend upon how many employees there are in your company.


  • +

    Simple and clear interface

  • +

    Ideal for both big and small businesses

  • +

    Price changes according to the number of employees


  • -

    No mobile app

  • -

    Still new on the market

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Technology is changing rapidly and with it, so are the ways we work. Gone are the days when you had to keep track of hundreds of documents and spend hours and hours organizing information about your employees. HR can be a demanding job, but luckily, there are online tools available now that can help make it easier and even more exciting!

Sapling is a cloud-based People Operations platform that takes care of all your HR software needs. From recruiting to off-boarding, Sapling is a tool that will help you understand your employees better and create a positive work environment. Founded in 2017 by Andy Crebar, Sapling is committed to assisting companies in empowering their employees so they can be successful.


Sapling offers three plans to choose from depending on the size of your team (Image credit: Sapling)

Plans and pricing

Sapling works on a monthly subscription basis. The simplest and most basic plan, called “Onboarding”, costs $4.92/month. Its benefits include things like the ability to customize workflows, documents and employee data, a tool called “Smart Assignment” that helps with the onboarding program, and seamless integration between your applicant tracking system (ATS) and payroll.

The second plan, and the one that Sapling recommends, is their “People Ops Platform”. Costing $6.99/month, the plan includes all the benefits of the “Onboarding” plan and many others like “Workspaces” where you can manage your workload, and includes the ability to track and report any change in data.

Note that Sapling requires you to enter the number of employees working in your company before subscribing to a plan and the prices change depending on the number. The prices mentioned above are for companies that have 100 employees. If there are over 200 employees in your company, you have to request a quote. 


You'll need to contact Sapling directly for information on its All in One plan (Image credit: Sapling)

If neither of those plans seem enticing enough to you, then maybe you’d be interested in the “All in One” plan which includes all the benefits of the above mentioned plans and also human capital management (HCM) tools.

Sapling also offers the following paid add-ons:

  • Org Chart, $70/month
  • Track & Approve, $105/month
  • Time Off, $175/month
  • Surveys, $49/month

The first two add-ons are included in the “People Ops Platform” plan.

There is no free plan available, but you can request a demo call with a member of Sapling and talk about your goals and how you can achieve them with the help of the platform. This will help you better understand if Sapling is the right software for you.


Sapling is a feature-packed HR software solution (Image credit: Sapling)


Some of the main features of Sapling include things such as custom workflows, interactive organizational charts, e-signatures, HR dashboards, and integration of ATS and payroll

With custom workflows, you can automate your HR processes, making it easier for you to create custom time-off policies and other rules. Interactive organizational charts allow your employees to look at real-time information about your company’s team structures, helping them stay up-to-date with all the departments.


With Sapling you don't have to turn to a separate application or service for esignatures (Image credit: Sapling)

Sapling makes the use of e-signatures simple and easy. You can send documents to anyone in the company and keep track of their e-signatures. These documents are stored on the software and can be downloaded whenever you want.

HR dashboards give you the power to stay updated with information on employees and manage cross-functional tasks without even having to change the screen!


Sapling also integrates with loads of other apps and services (Image credit: Sapling)

Seamless integration is perhaps one of the most useful features of Sapling. With the applicant tracking systems (ATS), your recruiting process will become less chaotic and you will have all of your data consolidated in one place.

Interface and in use

The website seems fairly easy to use, but there are some features that could be improved. When you click on any of the buttons in the menu bar, you are presented with too many options and this could be a little overwhelming for someone who’s not familiar with the software. 

Other than that, the website functions smoothly and has all the information on the home page a potential customer would need to subscribe to the software.

Help Center

You can find answers to common questions in Sapling's Help Center (Image credit: Sapling)


Considering that the whole idea behind Sapling is to improve relations between people who work in a company, it only makes sense that they would have excellent customer service. The site has a chat box that lets you talk to someone from the company when they are available, and you can also discuss any queries you might have when you request a demo. 

If you scour the internet for reviews on what Sapling’s customer service is like, you would be hard pressed to find anything negative about it. 

The competition

Some other big players in the industry are Eddy, Gusto, and Rippling. All of these are HR suites that aim to improve HR processes and make it easier for companies to manage their employees. Rippling, founded in 2012, is currently leading the HR platform market and it is widely preferred in the HR world. 

What sets Rippling apart from Sapling and other HR platforms is perhaps the ease and simplicity it provides in all of the tools it offers. Another thing that distinguishes it from Sapling is the fact that it has a mobile app, which allows you to keep track of everything when you’re not in your office.

Final verdict

Sapling is a simple to use cloud-based HR software whose sole objective is to improve and enhance HR processes in your company. If you are new to the world of HR suites, you can request a demo and have someone from the company explain to you how you can use Sapling. 

It is still a startup, having been around for only six years, so there are tools out there that are older and better in terms of performance, but if you are looking for a personalized experience with exceptional customer support, then Sapling is definitely worth a try.

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