HP Elite x2 1011 review

A strong hybrid for tough environments

Getting hands on
Getting hands on

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The Elite x2 is a rock-solid device that you'll feel comfortable using in rugged environments, but what happens under the hood isn't exactly revolutionary. The x2's Intel Core M processor is good enough to get you through one or two tasks at a time, but if you're keen on performing heavy-duty business tasks, you'll want to look for a device with at least an Intel Core i processor.

HP Elite x2 1011

We liked

If your job takes place outdoors or in a factory with heavy machinery, you'll need a device that can take a beating. The Elite x2 is a bull of a tablet. Drop it without wincing. It'll get back up.

I can't say enough about this tablet's battery life. As a tablet it will run for more than 7 hours, and as a laptop it will top 11 hours.

We disliked

If you stare at a screen all day, you're going to want to find another tablet. This FHD-resolution display leaves a lot to be desired, especially in outdoor environments.

Additionally, the added weight needed to make this hybrid durable makes it almost unbearable to carry around. It's definitely manageable if you're undocking in your office, running to the factory floor and then coming back to your office. But if you'll be on your feet all day, carrying this tablet around as your main computing device, you may want to consider something lighter.

Final verdict

Considering the HP Elite x2 1011's durability, it's not as bad as my assessment might read. Rugged laptops and tablets typically cost thousands of dollars and they're ugly as sin. The Elite x2 sits somewhere between one of these awful rugged tablets and a pretty consumer device like the Surface Pro 3. So, yes, it's a bit heavy, but it's also Fort Knox-level sturdy.

Unfortunately, the areas where a compromise won't suffice is where the Elite falters. It's performance isn't as good as similar professional devices, like the Dell Venue 11 Pro 7000, and it lacks the superficial specs like a gorgeous screen or thinness to compete with mass market tablets.

So the decision is yours. If you want a pretty device that can handle tough work environments, the Elite x2 is a solid choice. But if you want the highest level of performance possible, or if you just want something that's easier to carry that has a nice screen, there are better options available.