Brother HL-L9200CDWT review

A very capable and nicely priced printer

He's fairly heavy; he's my Brother HL-L9200

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If you find the running costs of colour lasers off-putting, then this device will come as a pleasant surprise. Print quality is good, the price tag is decent and the wireless support is excellent.

We liked

The support for wireless printing from Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones is useful (as is the ability to limit what users can do, lest they blow the entire printing budget on full colour smartphone selfies). Running costs are reasonable and it's both fast enough and capacious enough to cope with the everyday demands of an office or department. PIN-protected printing is particularly useful in open offices or environments with lots of visitors.

We disliked

This isn't a printer you're going to want to move or spend much time looking at: it's fairly big, fairly ugly and very heavy. We encountered quality control issues with the supplied software disc and Brother's own website.

Final verdict

The HL-L92000CDWT is a very capable printer that doesn't cost a fortune, and the high capacity toners mean that the painful process of buying new colour cartridges shouldn't happen too often. However, it's up against fierce competition including one of our current favourites, Dell's C3765dnf, which is faster and has high capacity toners that work out even cheaper per page. Nevertheless, Brother's offering should be on your shortlist if you're looking for an economical and capable colour laser for everyday printing – especially if you need to support more devices than just PCs.

Carrie Marshall

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