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Gyration Air Mouse Elite review

Can this motion-based wireless mouse cope with your presentations?

Gyration Air Mouse elite
The Air Mouse Elite offers a very different form factor to its stablemate, the GO Plus


  • Great motion controls
  • Very stylish


  • Awkward button positioning
  • Could be more configurable

When we reviewed the Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus, our main complaint was that although its base functions worked on a Mac, the drivers needed to configure its programmable buttons were Windows-only.

Now Gyration's MotionTools software has been released for OS X, we can get the most out of this new Air Mouse Elite.

Gyration's Air Mouse range is based on a similar motion-sensing technology as used with the Nintendo Wii's hand controllers. You move your pointer by waving the mouse through the air, holding a trigger button so it only moves when you want it to. It's very responsive and easy to control.

There's a laser in there too, so you can also use the device as a desktop mouse. Left and right buttons are catered for, as is a scroll wheel. Three 'media buttons' can be programmed with separate functions for different categories of software – volume control and pause for media apps, or navigation when using an internet browser, for instance.

Unfortunately, you can't add apps to MotionTools' pre-defined lists, so (for example) a Media Player profile only works for iTunes and VLC; and Presentation settings only for PowerPoint and Keynote.

Swiping gestures also can be assigned, and triggered by holding the circular button as you wave the mouse.

The Air Mouse Elite is certainly more comfortable than the GO Plus when used as a desktop mouse, but some might find it less ergonomic in the air. Try before you buy if you can.

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