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Genius Traveller 525 review

A well-designed mouse from Genius, but does it work?

Genius Traveller 525
This mouse may look swish, but to use it takes some skill

Our Verdict

This had the potential to be a great device, but awkward handling make it one to avoid


  • Budget price
  • Nice styling
  • Some may find the extra buttons handy


  • Awkward to use
  • Uncomfortable

First the good news; if you're one of them lefties then this is one of the few new mice you'll actually be able to use without any of that fascistic right-handed ergonomics.

Now the bad news, the Traveller 525 is a bit rubbish.

Difficult to master

We can see what Genius is trying to do, making a mouse modelled on the classic Mac Mighty Mouse, but the rocker switch mechanism on the Traveller 525 means that it can be a hit and miss affair trying to make sure you hit either the right or left buttons.

The 4D, optical scrolling function is a definite improvement over the Mighty Mouse's nubbin, but it can also be tricky getting it to actually work; I went through a couple of machines trying to get it to function as described before I finally found one that would play ball.

Cool but uncomfortable

It might look like a fairly stylish mouse, but it doesn't feel that comfortable in the hand, and lacks standard functions like forward and back buttons.

The extra task switch and search buttons might be handy for some productivity-heavy types, but despite the bargain price you'd be better off picking up a classic like the Intellimouse instead of this Mac-alike.