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ARCTIC M571 review

Can this ARCTIC mouse challenge the dominance of Logitech?

While ARCTIC make some of the best CPU and GPU coolers on the market, the same cannot be said for this gaming mouse


  • Cheap


  • Poor ergonomics
  • Boring design
  • Cheap build quality

Yes, an ARCTIC gaming mouse. And it's just about as good as you'd think it would be…

As cruel as you might think that sounds you have to admit that when a company very much known for one thing strikes out in a completely new direction, with an incredibly low-end product, it's on a hiding to nothing.

As obvious a sentiment as it is, the company really ought to stick to what it's good at; making decent cooling solutions for CPU and GPU alike. And even the odd tube of thermal paste.

We like AC for all that. For it's gaming mouse, less so. Indeed every one of the team to lay paws on the mouse gave the same initial reaction: a guttural exclamation of disgust.

Clamping hands on its strangely slippy surface does not a comfortable gaming experience make. The big problem is the supposed 'ergonomic' design. The Dali-esque off-centre slant of the entire mouse twists your hand into a surprisingly uncomfortable position and the way the main buttons drop away to the desktop makes the simple action of clicking a trial.

Usually I'd employ the tips of my fingers to press the main mouse buttons, but the M571 seems to want you to use a completely different part of your digits. Any mouse which forces you to use it in a very specific way is in trouble.

Maybe the designer liked that particular method, but forcing it onto everyone else is going to do nothing for you. Sure, it's a cheap mouse, and boy does it feel like it, but there's no excuse for such uncomfortable action. Stick to cooling, guys.

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