Sony PSZ-HB2T review

The toughest hard drive around

Rugged as heck
Rugged as heck

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There typically isn't much to say about a hard drive. Does it hold a lot of data? Does it transfer data quickly? Does it weigh you down? Will it crack if you drop it?

The Sony PSZ-HB2T does a great job addressing these needs.

We liked

Overall, the Sony PSZ-HB2T provides an amazing combination of flexibility and durability. This 2TB drive can survive a two meter drop and write at up to 122/MBs. It comes with a USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt port, which gives you the option of switching between different operating systems without going through any trouble.

It's a hard drive, but it's elegant, simple, sturdy and fast.

We disliked

Although there isn't much to dislike about this hard drive, it might be worth waiting a few months to see if the price comes down. Unless you're paranoid about breaking your hard drive, there are comparable devices on the market that can be had for half the price that Sony is asking.

Final verdict

If you don't care about transfer speeds or durability, then you don't need this hard drive. It's way too expensive to just purchase on a whim. But if you're a power user who needs something that will withstand the harsh realities of a rugged work environment, while also providing decent transfer speeds and port options, then the Sony PSZ-HB2T is right for you.