Toshiba 3TB Canvio external hard drive review

This Canvio is tiny, fast, and has plenty of space inside

Toshiba 3TB Canvio external hard drive
Toshiba 3TB Canvio external hard drive

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We liked

Toshiba didn't change a lot from the previous model; only the finish (from glossy to matte) and the hard disk drive were swapped. Not surprisingly therefore, the same strong points remain – it is a capacious device despite its diminutive size, one that is surprisingly portable and very fast compared to its predecessor.

We disliked

It could do with a power button, something we noticed last time on the Canvio 2TB. As for the price, it is still far too high for our liking but then again, the Canvio 3TB has no rivals for now, so Toshiba can dictate the supply.

Final verdict

The latest addition to the portable Toshiba Canvio family shows that the Japanese company wants to remain competitive in a market where spinning hard disk drives are gradually being pushed out by solid state drives.

Expect Western Digital to bring a similar 2.5-inch 3TB hard disk drive to the market in the next few months, an introduction that is likely to bring down the price of the Canvio 3TB.

Until then, Toshiba's latest addition reigns supreme in the land of high capacity, low volume external hard disk drives and if the price premium is acceptable to prospective buyers, then there's no reason why they shouldn't look at this drive.

Desire Athow
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