PC Specialist UltraNote II review

A portable and affordable mid-range notebook

PC Specialist Ultranote II
A jack of all trades laptop, but master of none

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We liked

The UltraNote II offers excellent value for money for anyone who wants a laptop that's more than competent at most tasks. It's not a specialised gaming PC, design workstation or ultra-portable computer, but it's powerful enough to be used for general tasks without slowing down.

While it's still a few millimetres and grams away from the svelte design of Ultrabooks, it's still far thinner and lighter than the heaviest 15-inch laptops.

And the overall appearance, with a combination of different shades of dark grey, is likely to appeal to anyone who prefers laptops with an executive, no-nonsense design.

We disliked

Graphics performance is a little on the low side, since the UltraNote II is outperformed by smaller, more portable laptops.

The CPU isn't exactly frugal either, drawing a considerable amount of power that chomps through the battery faster than I'd like. However the overall battery life is still passable.

Finally, while the appearance will appeal to some, to others, it may seem quite boring, an overall criticism that applies to many aspects of the UltraNote II. Pay more, and you'll get a laptop that's not just thinner and faster, but has more personality too.

Final verdict

The performance results, price tag and general feel of the UltraNote II point to one obvious conclusion. You could spend a lot more, and get something much more powerful, with a longer lasting battery and a far nicer design. Or you could spend slightly less, and end up with a far worse computer in every way.

Sure, it's not terribly exciting, but what you do get with the UltraNote II is more than just alright. It gets the job done, and does so at a reasonable price.