Lenovo Yoga 11S review

The smaller Yoga still bends over backwards for you

Lenovo Yoga 11S
Lenovo Yoga 11S

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Functional and flexible, the Lenovo Yoga 11S looks to be just what we want in an ultrabook. Light enough to travel easily, and so small it can tuck in any bag with ease. It also has serious specs. The combination of an i7 processor and SSD make for a peppy Window 8 experience. That said we think it would better compete if it was rocking a Haswell processor.

Lenovo Yoga 11S review

We liked

We liked how versatile the Yoga 11S is. With strong hinges, the Yoga 11S is both extremely portable and it also feels nice and solid. You can easily configure a Yoga 11S with an i7 processor. We also really like the fact that you can start configuring them at just $799.

We disliked

There isn't much we didn't like about the Yoga 11S. That said, we were puzzled that Lenovo equipped it with USB 2.0 and not 3.0. Additionally, the keyboard isn't backlit and going forward, Lenovo is going to have to refresh it with Haswell eventually to remain competitive.


If you're in the market for a Windows 8 tablet or laptop you'd be remiss to not check out the Lenovo Yoga 11S.

While it currently lacks a Haswell option, it's still plenty fast enough for whatever you want to do, with the exception of hardcore PC gaming. We took this model on several business trips and experienced nary a hiccup. On planes its diminutive size made it perfect for working or watching videos and it easily tucks away nicely into any bag you may be traveling with.

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