Lenovo U41 review

Great for all basic tasks and highly affordable

Lenovo U41
Lenovo U41

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We liked

The U41 offers a very reasonable level of performance in terms of both the processor and the GPU when it comes to everyday tasks. This is also a well-built machine which is very portable and looks good, particularly considering its price bracket. The keyboard and trackpad are pleasant to use, as well.

We disliked

Unfortunately, the screen really lets this Lenovo offering down. It lacks any sort of punch, with disappointing contrast and brightness levels, and that's compounded by unimpressive viewing angles. The performance in PCMark 8's battery life test was also poor.

Final verdict

The laptop market is very crowded around this popular price point, filled with models that are capable of the same everyday tasks as the U41. There are far fewer that come with a slim and light design though, making this the U41's main selling point.

It's a portable computer with roughly Ultrabook-like dimensions at a much lower price than most Ultrabooks. Spend a bit less and you could get something like HP's 255 G3, a super-affordable laptop that is notably larger and a lot less powerful than the U41.

Spend a bit more and you could get an Ultrabook like the Asus UX305 which boasts similar performance but with a better screen and an even slimmer design.

Graphics performance is excellent for an integrated GPU, and CPU performance is nippy enough for all general tasks.

Unfortunately, while the battery life is a bit disappointing, it's the display that ruins the overall experience of using the U41. Not all TN screens are terrible, but the U41 is lacking in this area compared with some of its similarly priced competitors.

It's a personal choice of course, but I'd prefer a laptop with a better display, even if it means a bit more heft.