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A basic but capable VPN

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NetflixVPN is an affordable and surprisingly capable VPN service, which does a lot more than just unblock geo-restricted Netflix content. It provides access to a large pool of residential IP addresses and also offers excellent privacy protection during regular browsing. That said, the lack of native clients means beginners might not find it the easiest VPN to use, and nor is there a money-back guarantee.


  • +

    Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, others

  • +

    Residential VPNs

  • +


  • +

    Solid speeds


  • -

    No native apps

  • -

    No free trial or money-back guarantee

  • -

    A bit stingy on information

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As the name suggests, NetflixVPN is a VPN service that primarily focuses on providing its users with access to every localized Netflix library imaginable, whatever their geographical location.

However, its offering isn’t limited to just Netflix. Thanks to the residential IP addresses you can connect to, it can also unblock other geo-restricted content that is often tough to crack, while also supporting private browsing and torrenting.


NetflixVPN offers its services under four subscription plans: one-month, six-month, one-year, and two-year.

As always in this business, the longer the subscription the less you pay in the long run. Therefore, the 2-year subscription is the cheapest, costing only $60 upfront (which comes to $2.50/month).

Regardless of the plan you opt for, you’ll be able to run up to 2 simultaneous VPN connections.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of a free trial nor money-back guarantee of any sort.The most painless way to get a taste of the service is to sign up for its shortest plan at $5 for one month.

Accepted payment methods include PayPal and credit/debit cards.


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NetflixVPN passes off as a nice solution for unblocking whatever geo-blocked content your heart desires. However, there are other players on the market with equally good unblocking capabilities and quite a few extras.

For example, Surfshark and CyberGhost are in a similar price range while offering nicely designed apps, thousands of servers, and generous money-back guarantees.

If your budget doesn’t restrict you, then you’ll also want to give NordVPN or ExpressVPN a chance, as they take the whole VPN experience to a whole new level, with blazing speeds, support for most platforms in existence, 24/7 live chat support and more.


NetflixVPN is one of the few VPN providers that unblocks localized Netflix content from various regions, including Turkey, Japan, India, Thailand, Argentina, Russia, and others.

However, it doesn’t stop there. You'll also be able to unblock restricted content on other platforms, including Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Vudu, Crunchyroll, Xfinity, Sky Go, and others, thanks to the residential IP addresses all over the world.

About the company

The company that runs NetflixVPN is called Amplusnet SRL and is located in Romania. It facilitates VPN connections to over 30 servers in 18 countries - not just in the US and UK, but also in Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and others.

Each server has multiple residential IP addresses (the number changes constantly) you can connect to. For example, the provider’s servers in Japan alone have over 10,000 IP addresses.

Privacy and encryption

This VPN solution supports all the usual suspects on the connection protocol list - OpenVPN, PPTP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, and SSTP. It can be used anywhere in the world, including more restrictive countries like China.

NetflixVPN’s usefulness extends beyond its unblocking capabilities, though; you can also use it with P2P and torrenting apps, as long you do so through servers that are marked with P2P on the server list.

In the provider’s Privacy Policy there’s a section dedicated to logging which states that NetflixVPN doesn’t log VPN traffic, doesn’t spy on its users “nor monitor their bandwidth or internet usage.” It also adds that its “VPN servers do not store any personal identifying information (PII)”.

While this sounds nice, it would be even better if an independent audit had been conducted to verify these claims.


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The vendor supports installation on a wide range of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and routers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any native apps, so you’ll have to install it manually and/or through third-party software like OpenVPN, AnyConnect, or Tunnelblick.

That said, detailed manual installation tutorials for all supported VPN protocols are provided on the website and there’s also a blog with useful and interesting information about the world of VPN, Netflix, and NetflixVPN.

If you require direct help from a human, you can request it via a contact form, WhatsApp, or email address. We sent our query via email and received a helpful response promptly.

Speed and experience

To see how NetflixVPN would handle streaming from various locations, we tested its download speeds on a 49.09Mbps testing connection.

A server in Germany performed poorly, delivering only 3.10Mbps on the TCP version, while the UDP version failed to connect at all, even after multiple attempts.

Our luck changed with servers in the UK, providing us with a very nice 17.84Mpbs on the UDP connection, while TCP did (expectedly) worse, delivering 7.79Mbps. We continued our tests across the pond, in the US, hailing a very good 8.27Mbps on a UDP connection, but only 3.77Mbps on TCP.

Finally, wanting to see how a more exotic location would fare, we chose Thailand for our final tests and got a solid 5.86Mps on UDP, with a lower 2.58Mbps on TCP.

Netflix VPN is a bit complicated to set up and use, at least if you’re a beginner. This is largely due to not having any native clients and a slightly longer installation process. There’s also the hassle of having to input user credentials each time you’re connecting to a new server, which even a non-beginner would dislike. That said, manual installation instructions are available in the client area on the website.


If you want a VPN that will unblock Netflix for you, as well as a multitude of other geo-restricted content from the World Wide Web, without much buffering and at very affordable prices, you’ve found it. NetflixVPN can do all this, thanks to the residential IP addresses that can fool any ISP or other overly inquisitive or restrictive authority.

However, it does lack the finesse of an established VPN player, in terms of native apps, server infrastructure, as well as the amount of information it provides to its users and potential customers.

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