Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB SSD review

The world’s first 8TB SSD

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The fact that Integral has fitted 8TB of storage into an SSD with the SVR Pro 100 SRI is very impressive, but this capacity, and the price of the drive, means that this is an SSD that will only appeal to a small audience – one that requires the high data transfer speeds of an SSD with the large capacities of traditional hard drives.

This can make it hard to justify for many other people, however.

We like

This is the world’s first 8TB SSD, so for ambition alone we’ve got to hand it to integral.

If you’re after SSD speeds and large capacities within a single hard drive, then the Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB is definitely worth considering. 

We didn't like

The speeds we recorded were good for an SSD – and much better than a traditional hard drive – but they weren’t mind blowing. 

Coupled with the uneven results that point to inconsistent performance, we wouldn’t recommend the Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB to people whose highest priority was data transfer speed.

Final verdict

As is to be expected, the niche appeal of the Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB makes it very easy to recommend to some people, and very difficult to recommend to others. 

If your highest priority is high capacity, then it would be more cost effective (both in initial outlay and running costs) to go for a traditional hard drive such as the WD Red 8TB or the Seagate IronWolf 10TB

On the other hand, if speed is more important, then you could go for a lower capacity SSD that performs faster than the Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB and is much cheaper as well. 

Even having a number of smaller SSDs could help you achieve larger capacities of storage space while still maintaining a performance and price advantage. 

However, if you need the speed of an SSD with the very high capacity the Integral SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB provides, all in one 2.5-inch hard drive, then this is an SSD worth considering. 

To be fair, this is the only SSD on the market at the moment that offers 8TB storage space, so you’re not going to be able to shop around. Sadly the price and uneven performance of the drive means we can’t wholeheartedly recommend this drive. 

It’s an exciting development in SSD manufacturing, and hopefully we’ll see more ultra-high capacity SSDs in the future that bring more consistent performance and higher speeds. 

When that day comes, and the SVR Pro 100 SRI 8TB is no longer the only show in town, then Integral will need to up its game.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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