Hatchful Logo Maker review

Can you really create a logo in seconds?

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TechRadar Verdict

A good, fast and free service for those who need a logo quickly and don’t have the time or inclination to customise it too much.


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    Easy to use

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    Free high-res exports


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    Limited customisation

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Hatchful’s logo maker service claims to help you ‘create professional logos in seconds’. Let’s put that to the test.

Choose a Business

Hatchful offers you a list of business styles to choose from (Image credit: Hatchful)

Getting started

The process starts simply enough, asking you to ‘choose your business space’, and to help you along with that, it displays 12 large thumbnails, ranging from Fashion, to Tech, to Pets. If your business doesn’t match any of them, you have ‘none of the above’ as a 13th option.

Following on from that, you get to select your desired style from another list of large thumbnails, then you’re offered to state your business name and slogan (both are surprisingly optional - we would’ve expected the business name to be a required field).

Choose a Logo

With all the information at hand, Hatchful instantly offers you dozens of templates to choose from (Image credit: Hatchful)

Hatchful takes the opportunity to know what you’ll be using the logo for (something you can skip), and you’re then presented with dozens of logos based on the information you provided. Click on your favourite to refine it further.

Customize It

You have limited customisation options - but if you’re in a hurry, how many alterations will you do anyway? (Image credit: Hatchful)


The reach of your editing capabilities is sadly very limited. Now, this might be seen as a benefit to those who don’t have much (if any) editing skills, and would rather just have a logo and get on with their business, but if you like to tweak the design beyond a few superficial alterations, you may well be disappointed.

You get a selection of fonts and colours - choose the large thumbnail preview to alter your design. When it comes to icons, you can only have one: whichever one you choose from the list will replace the existing one. And as for layout, the extremely limited number available will depend on the chosen design.


You need to register and login before you can download your design (Image credit: Hatchful)


The next stage is for you to download your design. As you might expect, and as is pretty customary with online services, you can’t do this without creating an account first. The good news though, is that it’s quick, easy, and you don’t even need to give them any payment details.

The link to download your logo will then appear in your inbox, which will involve you clicking on it, to be sent back to your browser, which will then initiate the download. That’s a tad cumbersome, but it’s one way for the company to make sure you gave them the right email address I guess.


Hatchful gives you various formats so you can use them instantly, no matter where you’ll be placing your creation (Image credit: Hatchful)

The design actually comes in multiple versions, all conveniently downloaded for you in a single folder. This is ideal for those with little knowledge on how to prepare an image for use as a favicon, or a profile image for various social media platforms, for instance. We also found a transparent version, letting you use it over any background you wish. All of this is a great time save and an unexpected bonus.

Final verdict

Hatchful’s promotion is indeed correct: it can design logos in seconds, although this comes at the expense of customisation. You can make a small number of alterations, but this is nowhere near what you could do with Adobe’s Logo Creator for instance. However, if your needs are simple or you do not have the skills to make drastic changes, Hatchful’s offering could be exactly what you’re looking for. You end up with various high resolution images suited for various output, such as print, websites, or social media, and all you need to do to get all of that is hand over your email address.

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