GroupSolver marketing software review

Create a stronger brand image by strengthening the data that’s already there

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GroupSolver is a marketing software that uses machine learning to help your business reach a larger audience. We’ll share some details about the plans and features available so you know if GroupSolver is right for you.


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    Uses machine learning

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    Unique marketing strategy

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    Good customer support


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    Plans aren’t listed yet

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    Website lacks some information

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GroupSolver is a marketing research agency that helps you find solutions for sharing your business. You can use it to answer specific marketing questions you might have about your own organization, or you can depend on it to automatically create answers for other people who visit your website.  

Now your website can create the answer to an open-ended question without you doing all the work yourself. GroupSolver uses open ended AI technology to create the answer you’re looking for and the assistance you need in order to market your website. There’s no coding necessary, and it’s fast and easy to use. We’ll review some key features to provide more details about GroupSolver.  


You'll need to request a demo for individual pricing  (Image credit: GroupSolver)

Plans and pricing 

All of the GroupSolver plans come with fielding and access to a respondent panel. Currently, you can’t access a plan or pricing page on GroupSolver’s website. They are launching their plans within a couple months. Until then, the best way to find information on pricing is to reach out and request a demo. Then you can tell them what you’re looking for. What’s unique about this platform is how plans are all personalized. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand: it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

GroupSolver can create an individual plan that best fits your needs. The plans coming out are for anyone who’s looking for insights to the best marketing strategy quickly. Particularly for business professionals or executives. Instead of having to learn everything yourself, GroupSolver is focused on providing results quickly and easily. 

Until the new plans come out, you’ll have to chat with a GroupSolver representative and share what kinds of assistance you’re looking for. If you’re just working on an individual project and can do all the coding yourself, there’s space for you to work without having tons of help. However, if you’re looking for a platform to help you with all the coding, analysis, and marketing projects from start to finish, then GroupSolver can help with that too. 


The interface is clean and simple (Image credit: GroupSolver)


The interface is simple: you can see what features are included in GroupSolver when you access the Tools or Solutions tabs. While it’s very easy to access the features included, there aren’t any plans currently listed on the website. There’s not a “pricing” or “plans” tab visible on the front page of the website, making it more difficult to find out exactly how much GroupSolver costs. However, the customer service is very responsive to answer any questions you might have when you first learn about GroupSolver.

There’s also a live chat option on the website where you can ask any questions you might have about pricing and features. Typically, you’ll receive a response to your question within a couple minutes of asking. 


Group solver uses machine learning technology (Image credit: GroupSolver)


Once you set up GroupSolver, you can watch to see how it answers questions that come through your website in real-time. It’s recommended that you watch the responses GroupSolver comes up with because sometimes you need to slightly guide the answer before sending the response. 

There’s a Data Download feature which allows you to export any data if you want to. GroupSolver works with a variety of statistical softwares including SPSS, R, and Excel. You can always ask the support if there’s a different software you use to see if GroupSolver can pair with it. 

Another feature, called Idea Cluster, automatically creates and notices similarities to various questions. GroupSolver then uses this data to build off itself and create a stronger brand story/brand history. This feature uses quantitative data to create correlations you likely wouldn’t have time to piece together on your own. 

The Choice Answers feature works by answering multiple-choice questions on your website and keeping those answers updated and relevant. As more data is collected and answers are being made, GroupSolver keeps improving the information so it stays accurate, even on its own. 


You can reach out to customer service with any questions you have (Image credit: GroupSolver)


There are a lot of marketing softwares out there (HubSpotZoho, and Zendesk are just a few). What’s unique about GroupSolver is how it focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The goal isn’t for GroupSolver to simply help with SEO (like many other marketing agencies around). Instead, it helps you build a database to answer open-ended questions on your website, growing with specific answers and providing advanced statistics for you to incorporate in your marketing strategy. 

Another factor is the plans are very flexible, and everything is personalized. Here’s the great part: you won’t have to pay for features you’re not actually going to use. You can chat with the GroupSolver team and they will come up with a plan that best fits your needs. Whether that’s help with a survey or web design, you can reach out to GroupSolver and they are happy to help you. 

Final thoughts

GroupSolver works differently from most systems available: it works independently and grows in machine learning capability all on its own. If you’re looking for a new marketing agency that helps you provide information about your brand, then you should give GroupSolver a try.  

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