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Shieldzone Full-body Shield review

A super-strength video iPod cover

The Shield needs to be glued on, which is not as straightforward as it should be

Our Verdict

Does its job but there are cheaper and less messy alternatives that are just as effective


  • Stops your iPod getting scratched


  • Having to glue it on is a pain

Just once, it would be nice to get an iPod-protecting device that doesn't refer to the military in its marketing bumph. This 'invisible shield' is apparently made from the same material that the military uses to protect helicopter blades. Is that a bit excessive for an iPod? Well, at £15 for a wafer-thin bit of plastic, it's going to be a hard sell.

Cheaper alternatives are available and there is little to distinguish them in terms of end results. Despite the war-proof reference, your iPod is still going to smash if you drop it on a hard floor. This shield is just a scratch protector; one part covers the front and another covers the back to make a 'full-body shield'.

There's even a 'shield' for the scroll wheel. The catch is that you have to glue the shield on with solvent spray and it's hard not to get this on the wheel.

If you are very careful you do get a decent cover for stopping scratches. However, to avoid the bother, we'd prefer a flowery, fabric, hippy sleeve any day. James Ellerbeck