Giottos MTL9361B and MH1311652 review

A professional-standard Giottos aluminium tripod and ball head for big DSLRs

Giottos MTL9361B and MH1311652
A high quality tripod and ball-head for under £200

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Simple and effective 180 degree pivoting centre column

  • +

    Rock-solid stability and dependability

  • +

    Smooth yet precise controls throughout

  • +

    Ball head is feature-packed with excellent performance

  • +

    Superb build quality at a very competitive price


  • -

    Low-angle adaptor is a bit fiddly to fit

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Extending to a dizzying height of nearly two metres, when fitted with the Giottos MH1311652 ball head, the MTL9361B is a professional-grade aluminium tripod with a combined maximum load rating of 8kg.

The tripod boasts Giottos' typically excellent build quality and includes a raft of advanced and well-implemented features.


The rugged and sturdy Giottos MTL9361B tripod legs can support DSLR and camera lenses weighing up to 10kg. This is closely matched by the MH1311652 ball head, which can be bought separately, rated at 8kg load capacity.

This Series II head features a main locking clamp as well as an adjustable friction damper and separate panning control, plus a pair of spirit levels for levelling the camera.

Down below, the tripod legs feature three sections clamped with high-quality clip locks, which are somewhat quicker and easier to operate than old-fashioned twist locks.

The combined carrying height of the tripod and ball head when folded is 75cm, while the maximum operating height is 190cm with the centre column fully extended. There's a 3mm difference in diameter between each of the leg sections, which measure 28mm, 25mm and 22mm.

There are three leg angles to choose from, with an easy-to-use locking mechanism. The tripod's centre column has an elegantly implemented 180-degree pivot facility, perfect for ultra-wide-angle, macro and low-level shooting. There's also a low angle adaptor which can be inserted into the top of the tripod collar instead of the centre column. Without using the adaptor or pivoting or inverting the centre column, the multi-angle legs enable shooting from as low as 48cm. A weight hook is fitted to the bottom of the centre column to aid stability in blustery outdoor shooting conditions.

Build quality

The 3mm difference in diameter between leg sections is quite typical in tripods of this class and enables smooth extension and collapsing of the legs, while the high quality of the clip locks ensures solid clamping at any length.

An allen key is provided for adjusting the locks if and when needed, and this can also be used for securely fastening the ball head to the tripod platform with three grub screws.

All adjustments and controls have a dependable, smoothly operating and professional feel to them. The Giottos simply oozes quality from top to bottom. Comfort padding is fitted to the upper sections of all three legs, although a carry bag isn't supplied with the tripod.