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Partington Heavi II review

Good old-fashioned mass

Our Verdict

If you want to hear decent standmounts at their best, get decent stands - like these. Excellent in every way


  • Bass is superbly taut, precise and detailed

    Midrange and treble are clear and uncolored


  • Low frequencies may seem understated

Despite the trendy misspelling in the name, this stand really is about good old-fashioned mass - 28kg of it in the form of steel, sand and resin, which combine to create one of the most robust stands we can recall seeing.

Designed to take the heaviest standmount speakers on the market (it was actually conceived as partner to a model from Totem, but spent most of the review period propping up some similarly massive ATCs), its six legs would certainly not buckle were the Heavi one day asked to substitute for an axle stand under a medium-size commercial vehicle.

Sand and resin are effective damping materials and it's near impossible to provoke ringing from this stand, however hard you tap it. Stability is achieved with adjustable spikes underneath (three or four to taste - suitable female screw-threads are fitted), while steel cone toppers are supplied to interface the top plate to your speaker. As an alternative to the pictured silver finish, gloss black is available.

If the name carries suggestions of bass enhancement, discard them at once. If anything, low frequencies may seem understated when this stand replaces any lesser speaker support, but that's only because it lacks the tendency of most of them to 'soup up' some part of the bass indiscriminately.

In this case, less becomes more when one realises that bass is extended and superbly taut, precise and detailed. At the same time, midrange and treble are clear and uncolored. This is truly a top stand. Richard Black