Web hosting brand Nexcess absorbed into parent company Liquid Web

An image showing Liquid Web and Nexcess logos
(Image credit: Liquid Web)

After 20 years the web hosting company on which Magento was built will merge into Liquid Web to become one brand.

After the merger, due to complete by the end of Q2 2024, Nexcess customers will be able to manage their account through LiquidWeb.com and the services, plans, and contacts at Nexcess and Liquid Web will continue to remain the same. 

Nexcess is a web hosting company that grew out of a garage in Michigan to become one of the best WordPress hosting providers and has been a popular choice for SMBs, developers, and agencies.

"No disruption for customers"

While it’s sad to see another hosting company disappear, the merger promises to bring the strengths of both brands together providing more features and better customer support for both brands. 

Carrie Wheeler, President of Liquid Web, told TechRadar Pro: “With over 50 years of combined hosting experience, we’re beyond thrilled to bring our two brands together,” 

“Bringing our brands together maximizes our knowledge and expertise to provide superior products and capabilities alongside our best in class customer support and service. Existing customers can expect a smooth transition and expect to see improvements in platform performance and portal capabilities over the coming year. Services, plans, and contacts at Nexcess and Liquid Web will continue on as usual, but with the added benefit of enhanced resources and capabilities.”

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