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Videoleap app during our test and review process
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Videoleap is a good mobile video editor which stands out from the crowd with interesting, fun, and well integrated AI tools, which can help make your projects stand out. Well worth exploring if you’re in the market for something fresh and new.


  • +

    Great integration with AI tools

  • +

    Good interface

  • +

    Fun to use


  • -

    Yet another subscription to pay for

  • -

    Mobile and tablet versions offer different project size options

  • -

    AI voice wants money to work

  • -

    The app wants to track you

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Lightricks make a couple of interesting AI-laden apps for your mobile or tablet device, including a photo editing app called Photoleap, and Videoleap, a simple-to-use video editing app for your mobile. We’ve tested quite a few of the best video editing apps, and we have to say - this one is more fun to use than you might think.

Videoleap: Pricing & plans

Videoleap app during our test and review process

Why would developers of a video editor want to track your activity outside of the app? (Image credit: Lightricks)
  • Another subscription to pay for, but at least you can choose to pay for the product outright too if you want

There is a free version of the app, but as you’d expect, its best features, effects and tools are kept behind a paywall. You can however try out everything Videoleap has to offer free for seven days, but that will mean you agreeing to a subscription after the trial period, so don’t forget to cancel if you decide this app isn’t for you. But why does this app want to track your usage on other apps and websites?

You can opt for a monthly or annual subscription - but the monthly payments are quite a bit steeper compared to the yearly equivalent if you pay in full. But, like the more pro-focused app LumaFusion, you have the option to pay a one-off cost and own Videoleap forever. Unlike LumaFusion, it’s about double the price. 

You do need to log in with your Facebook account, Apple or Google ID, but if you’d rather keep all of that separate, they do accept you using your email address instead.

  • Pricing & plans:3/5 

Videoleap: Our experience

Videoleap app during our test and review process

Videoleap has plenty of eye-catching templates for you to use (Image credit: Lightricks)
  • A good video editor with interesting and original AI integration.

We found the app very easy to use. You’re restricted to the portrait orientation when working on a phone, but we found a tablet offers more flexibility, letting you work in either position. On a phone, any new project takes on the dimension of the initial clip you add to it, so make sure you use the right one first to match the style you’re after. The tablet version offers you aspect ratio options by default.

Considering the limitations of a mobile device, editing works very well, with elegant support for touch gestures. The icons are small but big enough to handle on a small screen. You have the main preview window that takes up most of the interface, beneath that is your timeline, which you can zoom in and out effortlessly through touch commands, and at the bottom, your various tools.

Like many of the best video editing software for beginners we’ve looked at, you’ll find good in-app support. If you get lost, or are unsure what to do, the help button (top left) will give you various examples of what’s possible, from the basic to the advanced, through a series of simple animations. 

Videoleap app during our test and review process

If you’re not sure what to do, the Help section will inspire you (Image credit: Lightricks)
  • Our experience: 4/5

Videoleap: Features

Videoleap app during our test and review process

The video AI Filters are impressive and a lot of fun - but they take a while to render (Image credit: Lightricks)
  • AI Filters and Uncrop are the standouts of this app and are great fun to use

Videoleap’s biggest standout is the AI integration. You’ll find it in many of its tools, such as ‘AI Image’, which is the - mostly traditional by now - text field where you write what you want to see, and end up with various results, which you can expand on until you find the perfect image for you. But that’s not all, there’s AI Recolour too. There’s also AI Voice which we gather allows you to use your voice to create an AI counterpart. Sounds fun, but after having spent a while talking to it, you’re then asked for money to save the result. Hardly the friendliest of interfaces.

One great AI feature is ‘Uncrop’. With it, the app will expand an image beyond its boundaries, based on the content of the image itself. It’s actually great fun to use, but it doesn’t work with video, or we should say, it only works on a clip’s first frame. It’s brilliant with photos, and you can then use the app’s keyframes to zoom in or out of this AI expansion over time. But we really enjoyed using AI Filters, which alter a photo or video (with the version 2 options) for some genuinely impressive and fun changes.

  • Features: 5/5

Videoleap: Scorecard

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Pricing & plansLimited free version, subscription and perpetual licenses available3
Our experienceFun and easy to use, with great AI tools4
FeaturesPlenty of cool and clever AI tools to play with here5

Should I buy?

Videoleap app during our test and review process

Editing is clean, simple, and well implemented (Image credit: Lightricks)

Buy it if...

You’re looking for a video editor that’s easy to use with clever AI integration.

Don't buy it if...

You don’t want to pay for yet another subscription, and wish more tools were on offer for free.

How we tested Videoleap

We installed the app both on a phone and a tablet, and tried it out for several hours, using our experience in video editing to put it through its paces, as we created a few projects and checked how easy - or frustrating - it was to work with, all while exploring the original features which caught our eye. 

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