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If you're looking for a comprehensive MDM system, consider this one. It's workable across multiple platforms and customizable enough to make it your own.


  • +

    User-friendly dashboard

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    Versatile deployment options

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    Robust security features

  • +

    Seamless app distribution

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    Efficient support and communication


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    High costs for small businesses

  • -

    Must have internet connection

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    End-users need trained and told what to expect

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Safeguarding company resources is crucial in today’s changing business environment, where mobile gadgets and remote work are prevalent. Meet Scalefusion, an encompassing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution created to streamline the supervision and protection of devices within the corporate setting. This article explores what Scalefusion entails, its standout features and advantages, and how it distinguishes itself in the MDM market.

Scalefusion is a user-friendly MDM solution that empowers businesses to securely oversee and govern company-owned and personal devices across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 10, and macOS gadgets. Crafted by ProMobi Technologies, Scalefusion simplifies device management through a platform that eases device deployment, control, and security while fostering communication and collaboration among team members.

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Scalefusion's comprehensive device management capabilities extend across various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, making it a versatile solution for businesses with diverse device preferences. Its flexibility ensures that regardless of the type of device or OS used within the organization, Scalefusion can effectively manage and secure them.

At the core of Scalefusion's offerings are robust security protocols beyond standard device management. In addition to password enforcement, device encryption, and remote data wiping, the platform offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities, ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving security threats.

Scalefusion simplifies the deployment, updating, and management of applications on enrolled devices, allowing IT administrators to streamline this process easily. Furthermore, the platform's application management features include blocking unwanted apps and pushing necessary apps to devices, providing granular control over the software environment on corporate devices.

One of Scalefusion's standout features is its ability to facilitate the seamless distribution of documents and multimedia content to team devices. This functionality ensures that the latest information, such as critical documents, training materials, or company announcements, is always accessible to employees across different geographical locations, fostering better collaboration and communication within the organization. 

In addition to its robust security and application management capabilities, Scalefusion enhances device security through advanced features such as geofencing and real-time location tracking. Geofencing triggers alerts when devices enter or leave predefined geographical boundaries, providing proactive monitoring and security enforcement. Real-time location tracking enables organizations to keep tabs on the physical whereabouts of their devices, adding an extra layer of security and asset management.

Furthermore, Scalefusion's remote troubleshooting feature empowers IT support teams to efficiently resolve device issues by allowing them to view and control devices remotely. This capability reduces downtimes and improves productivity by enabling swift troubleshooting and issue resolution without physical access to the devices, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and responsive IT support infrastructure.

What about BYOD management?

Scalefusion provides a comprehensive BYOD management solution that enables employees to securely access company data on their personal devices without compromising data privacy or security. Scalefusion ensures a clear separation between individual and corporate data on an employee's device, allowing businesses to control and protect their data while keeping their personal data private.

Scalefusion's BYOD solutions are compatible with multiple operating systems, catering to a diverse range of employee-owned devices. Creating work containers on Android devices, for example, prevents mixing work and personal apps, thereby safeguarding data integrity.

The BYOD solution from Scalefusion includes safety checks such as device integrity, security, and compatibility assessments using features like SafetyNet, ensuring that devices adhere to the company's security standards.

In the event of a lost or stolen device, Scalefusion provides features such as remote wipe and locks to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.


There are several benefits to using Scalefusion, including the following:

Enhanced Productivity: By effectively managing and securing devices, companies can ensure that their employees have the necessary tools to work efficiently at any time and from any location, leading to increased productivity. 

Improved Security: Scalefusion provides comprehensive security features to protect against data breaches and unauthorized access, essential in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape. These features include encryption, access controls, and remote data wiping.

Simplified Device Management: Scalefusion’s intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface empower IT administrators to quickly deploy, manage, and secure devices without requiring extensive technical expertise. This simplification streamlines the management process and enhances overall efficiency.

Cost Savings: Businesses can save significantly by streamlining device management and reducing IT overhead. This includes minimizing the time and resources required for device maintenance and support, ultimately improving cost-effectiveness.

Installation and setup

To incorporate Scalefusion into your company’s operations, you need to go through a setup process that varies depending on the device you’re using. Before deployment, it’s essential to create an account on the Scalefusion website and grant access to the devices you intend to manage. Next, refer to the Scalefusion documentation for details on OS versions and hardware prerequisites. Also, ensure that each device is connected to the Internet.

Scalefusion offers apps for Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and macOS systems. It also supports Linux. To enroll your device successfully, follow the prompts on your screen. This may involve allowing permissions and activating device administrator privileges.

Once Scalefusion is installed on all devices, administrators should verify its installation status on the Scalefusion dashboard. Use this dashboard to enforce device policies and restrictions based on your organization’s needs. From there, you can use Scalefusion to distribute across managed devices and monitor device compliance and usage.

Plans and pricing

Scalefusion pricing May 2024.

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Scalefusion offers flexible pricing designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. The subscription-based pricing model has different plans, each tailored to various business needs. The plans range from basic device management to advanced features like remote troubleshooting, data security, and extensive device and app management.

The Essentials and Growth plans are for small businesses or those just starting with device management. These plans cover fundamental MDM features such as device enrollment, basic security settings, and application management capabilities. The Growth plan offers extra features like advanced restrictions, content management, and more.

The Scalefusion Business plan targets medium-sized businesses or those needing more advanced features. This plan often includes enhanced security protocols, app management, content distribution, and remote support, among other extras.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise Plan is suited for large organizations requiring a comprehensive suite of MDM solutions. Features could include advanced security management, high-end remote support, detailed analytics and reporting, and personalized customer service options. For organizations with particular needs, Scalefusion also offers the option to create a custom package, allowing businesses to tailor the required features to their specifications.

The cost of each plan generally depends on several factors, including the number of devices, contract length, and feature set. To help businesses get a feel for their platform, Scalefusion typically offers a free trial period during which you can test out their features and interface with a limited number of devices. This is a great way to see if Scalefusion aligns with your needs before committing to a subscription.

Final Verdict

Scalefusion provides a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly solution for managing and securing mobile devices in the corporate environment. With its comprehensive features, businesses can enhance their security posture and improve operational efficiency and productivity. Scalefusion offers tools for businesses of all sizes to maintain control over their mobile devices, ensuring data security and workforce productivity, regardless of location.

By embracing solutions like Scalefusion, businesses can confidently move into the future of work, where flexibility, security, and efficiency converge to create a resilient, connected, and dynamic work environment.

Scalefusion is an appealing option for businesses seeking to manage a diverse and distributed device environment securely and efficiently. Its simplicity, security, and support advantages make it a strong contender in the MDM space. However, potential users should consider cost, learning curve, customization, and connectivity dependency.

Every organization's needs are unique, and what makes Scalefusion perfect for one might be a limitation for another. It's crucial to align specific business requirements and technical capabilities with what Scalefusion can offer. Given the rapid evolution of digital workplaces, choosing an MDM solution like Scalefusion could be a step toward future-proofing your business's device management strategy.

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