NordPass wants to protect your email accounts from spam and scams

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NordPass has added a new email masking feature that will allow users tocreate alternative email addresses to prevent their real one being known to others. 

These alternative addresses will redirect emails to your actual email account, without revealing it to senders. Users can generate multiple alternative addresses for various services, as a way of keeping your real email address private and helping to tackle spam and phishing scams. 

The new feature follows other recent updates to the password manager, such as an overhaul of its Data Breach Scanner, allowing for greater control and customization.

Good for business

Gediminas Brencius, head of product growth at NordPass, notes that email is popular vector for threat actors to spread malware. He also makes the point that, "with 350 billion emails sent in 2023, it’s unavoidable that some of them will also be completely unnecessary."

"Users can use different emails for different activities, such as newsletters or shopping, while keeping the primary email private," says Brencius. "By using email masks, users can maintain control over their personal email address, thus safeguarding themselves against spam and phishing."

NordPass also claims that its iteration of the feature is easy to use, allowing users to turn forwarding to their real email address on or off, or disable or delete masks quickly. 

The firm adds that businesses can take advantage of email masking too, in order to protect staff emails from being known to cybercriminals, who often target organizations. It also claims that the feature can help to "streamline communications and email management."

Email masking features are being integrated with more products, as users become more concerned with maintaining their privacy and protecting themselves from spam and scam emails. 

Recently, popular web browser Firefox added integration with its Firefox Relay feature, allowing users to mask their email with alternative addresses directly from the browser.

Currently, email masking is only available to NordPass Premium and Family users, although the company says that NordPass Business users will get the feature within the next couple of months.


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