McAfee unveils even more AI tools to help keep you safe online

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Cybersecurity powerhouse McAfee has released the latest version of McAfee+, the company’s top-tier antivirus suite, featuring even more Artificial Intelligence-powered (AI) tools to keep user endpoints and data safe from hackers.

The company said its "next-gen Threat Protection" is an AI-powered security feature that is now even better at protecting its users, while at the same time taking up 75% less background processes and providing 3x faster cans. 

With AI, users are protected against zero-day threats, as well as those that “don’t even exist yet”, the release reads. Furthermore, the feature is now compatible on ARM64 and Intel / AMD processors, the company added. 

AI-powered threats, AI-powered defenses 

The second key feature that’s getting the help of artificial intelligence technology is Scam Protection. Users who sign up for the service can expect it to proactively detect suspicious URLs in texts, before users even click or open them. “If a customer accidentally clicks on a suspicious link in a text, email, social media, or browser search the feature can block the site from loading to prevent the customer from a phishing scam,” McAfee says.

The company says such a feature is pivotal today, as hackers started deploying artificial intelligence to make phishing attacks as believable as never before. “We are living in unprecedented times. Consumers are navigating a world where advanced AI has exponentially increased the volume and sophistication of scams, making real-time threat and scam protection more important than ever,” said Roma Majumder, Senior Vice President of Product at McAfee.

AI-powered tools might draw the largest crowds these days, but McAfee doesn’t seem to be neglecting other aspects of security. Among its new and enhanced identity and privacy features are Online Account Cleanup (monthly scans for online accounts and a risk estimate for each one), Social Privacy Manager (personalized privacy recommendations), and McAfee Assist - Protection Setup (live session with McAfee experts).

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