Bitwarden launches a new manager for business secrets

Password Security
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Popular password manager Bitwarden has now launched its new Secrets Manager in general availability. 

Built for developers and IT teams, the new manager allows credentials beyond mere passwords - such as API keys and authentication certificates - to be stored securely and shared at scale. It uses zero knowledge architecture and is also end-to-end encrypted. 

The company explains that sharing such secrets internally is, "a challenge for businesses working across environments, platforms and teams. As a result, developers have an increasing role to play in maintaining the security of sensitive company data."

Preventing breaches

According to its own research, Bitwarden found that nearly a quarter of developers have experienced a data breach, and almost a fifth spend over five hours per week managing developer secrets.

What's more, 72% were optimistic that a secrets manager would help prevent data breaches, although 52% said that they did not currently have a secure solution in place.

Bitwarden claims that the manager can help prevent secrets from being proliferated by containing them securely in one place, thus reducing security gaps. Michael Crandell, CEO of Bitwarden, believes that many recent data breaches are the result of, "poor management of sensitive credentials."

He added, "Bitwarden Secrets Manager addresses this by giving developers, DevOps, and IT teams the tools to secure their secrets throughout the lifecycle and reduce their chances of unprivileged access that results in a data breach."

The manager also includes integrations and SDKs, which Bitwarden says will continue to expand, as well as directory integrations and SSO and SCIM compatibility. 

Those on the free plan of the Bitwarden Secrets Manager will still get unlimited storage of secrets, whilst unlimited users and projects are privileges for paying subscribers only.

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