Not enough standing desk have drawers, but we're happy to see at least this Black Friday deal does

Flexispot Comhar: $400Now $300 at Amazon
Save $100

Flexispot Comhar: was $400 Now $300 at Amazon
Save $100
Flexispot Comhar offers a little extra over other standing desks: a built-in metal drawer, offering slim storage space for office essentials. There's no cable management, however the electric sit-stand desk does offer keypad and USB ports for charging devices. 

  • In the UK? Get £130 off the the Flexispot Comhar standing desk, down from £430 to £300 at Amazon.   

Our deal-hunters are seeing plenty of unmissable Black Friday standing desk deals, but this one has something a lot of other desks don't: an integrated drawer. Not enough of them include them, in our experience. 

That's not the only reason to like the Flexispot Comhar standing desk, which is down from $400 to $300 at Amazon

We've tested the best standing desks out there. And having reviewed the Comhar for ourselves, we can say it's a feature-packed electric standing desk that coolly glides along that vertical plane. Our review unit certainly has an attractive, unique look, with the glass desktop adding a premium feel to the design. Elsewhere, we love the integrated storage drawer - not a budget fabric drawer found on some standing desks, although there's not much depth to it, making it best for pens, pads, and other office essentials. 

For us, this one really enhances the workspace experience. This desk has a unique design that stands out from the rest, thanks to its premium glass desktop that gives it a sophisticated and modern look. It also comes with an integrated storage drawer that lets you keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. The desk also has a keypad with multiple USB charging ports that provide easy access to charge your devices while you work. 

We found stability was excellent, thanks to the crossbeam between the two legs (which we used as a comfortable footrest). This feature ensures that the desk remains steady and secure, even when you're working on it. It's just a shame there's no cable management solution here, which we reckon makes it ideal for laptop users. For more office furniture savings over the shopping season, visit our hub for all the best Black Friday deals

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