Microsoft's latest Copilot tool could be the team assistant you never knew you needed

Microsoft Copilot
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At its annual developer conference, Build 2024, Microsoft unsurprisingly revealed a whole host of AI updates, including the launch of the new Team Copilot, an expansion of its existing Copilot AI solutions.

As part of the update, the new Team Copilot is designed to enhance collaboration and streamline project management for corporate and enterprise teams by handling repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks.

With that in mind, Microsoft will roll out Team Copilot across major collaboration points, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop, Microsoft Planner, and more.

There’s a new Copilot just for teams

As is now the norm for generative AI tools, Team Copilot will be able to generate summaries and answer questions about conversations within team chats.

The digital personal assistant also integrates neatly into Redmond’s video conferencing app to manage the agenda and take notes. Other functionalities that make the tool more akin to a project manager include creating and assigning tasks, tracking deadlines, and notifying team members when their input is needed.

Hinting that emerging AI tools are still in their infancy, Microsoft Chief Communications Officer Frank X Shaw commented: “These initial experiences, coming in preview later this year, will enable us to learn, iterate and refine as we enter a new phase of innovation where Copilot begins to take more action on behalf of individuals and teams.”

Microsoft emphasized that users retain control over Team Copilot, allowing them to override AI suggestions or assign tasks to the AI manually, ensuring optimal balance between human and machine.

Team Copilot, which will be in preview “later in 2024,” is set to be included in the $30-per-month Microsoft 365 Copilot license.

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