I'm a home office expert - here's 10 fantastic Amazon Black Friday deals to boost your workspace

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Black Friday 2023 is just about over, but Amazon still has some fantastic deals for you! You can find all the best deals over on our Black Friday deals guide, but if you're looking for those home office deals, stick with me.

Now, I've had a few years to build my home office and more often than not I've had to pay full price because I missed a cracking deal. So learn from my mistakes...

We're still tracking top discounts like the best Black Friday office chair deals and Black Friday mini PC deals, but with Amazon unveiling its Black Friday deals, this is my personal roundup for the home office.

If I could choose one deal for you to take a look at, it would definitely be the standing desk converter. A standing desk is a game changer when working from home, especially if you pair it with a walking pad and a portable monitor. I'll often find a walking tour on YouTube so I can immerse myself in Paris while I'm stuck working at home!

Be sure to keep an eye out for any more deals I put out over the coming week as they're only set to get better the closer we get to Black Friday, and I'll find you the best deals for upgrading your home office.

Today's best Black Friday home office deals

For your desk

Samsung 4TB Portable SSD: $440Now $250
Save $190

Samsung 4TB Portable SSD: was $440 Now $250
Save $190
This truly is a portable drive for those on the go. The T9 has inherited the rugged outer shell of the trusty T7 so if you're a hybrid worker, this is definitely a solid choice as it can certainly handle life in your bag during a busy commute. It also features a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 port, boasting read and write speeds of up to 2,000 MB/s - perfect for storing those huge projects. When reviewing this SSD in the past, our main gripe was the price - but with the current -43% discount on the 4TB version this is definitely a deal to snatch up fast!

Beelink SER5 Pro 5700U Mini PC: $349Now $255 with Prime
Save $94

Beelink SER5 Pro 5700U Mini PC: was $349 Now $255 with Prime
Save $94
While the SER5 Pro only sports a Ryzen 5000 series compared to the 7000 series under the bonnet of it's SER6 Pro big brother, the 5700U packs more than enough punch for its size. Sporting 8 cores and 16 threads with speeds up to 4.3GHz, this mini PC can handle your daily computing needs with ease. Don't be fooled by its size either, this compact cube can handle 4K three screen display at 60Hz so when you pull up a document on this baby, you are seriously looking at that document.

ARZOPA Portable 15.6" Monitor: $130Now $95
Save $55 with coupon

ARZOPA Portable 15.6" Monitor: was $130 Now $95
Save $55 with coupon
If you're a hybrid warrior, you'll know that sometimes you have to work on the move. Whether that's in a hotel room during a conference, or in a café with a client. That's where a portable monitor really comes in handy. If you're someone who hoards their internet tabs or just needs to open that extra spreadsheet, having extra screen space is a godsend. Now this little handy screen is plug and play without any need for additional drivers, and you don't need to worry about carrying extra cables as this monitor is powered by whatever you choose to connect it to! Compared to other monitors on the market, this one is much more on the affordable side. Just remember to check the coupon box for the full discount. 

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo:$28Now $20
Save $8

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo: was $28 Now $20
Save $8
Whether you're fully remote, or rushing from home to office throughout the week, a wireless keyboard and mouse is a must have. I can attest to the struggles of having to dash to the office and hurriedly having to wrap up and de-tangle wires as a result. I also trust Logitech through and through as I've used the same Logitech keyboard since 2011 without issue. If you are worried about running out of juice while working, the keyboard features 36 months of battery life and the mouse boasts a respectable 12 months. And as for the juice, the keyboard is spill resistant. Both devices are plug-and-play so you can get straight to work whether your at the office or at home.

For your office

Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair$210Now $147
Save $63

Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair: was $210 Now $147
Save $63
I've sat in a good number of chairs in my time so I know that a reliable office chair is an investment. That new chair feeling after upgrading from a tatty stool with the ergonomics of a tree stump is honestly one of my greatest experiences (sad, I know). This chair does exactly what it says on the box. Fully height adjustable with 360 degree swivel, along with a tilting backrest for work and play. And for those of you guilty of moving your washing from chair to bed (and back again), this chair features a handy hanger on the headrest.

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter:$150Now $105
Save $45

Flexispot Standing Desk Converter: was $150 Now $105
Save $45
As I mentioned before, a standing desk is one of the best purchases I have made - and I currently own not one, but TWO Flexispot standing desks. So I really know what I'm talking about. This standing desk converter is perfect for those not looking to fully invest in a dedicated standing desk, but looking to have the option to stand and work. This handy gadget is designed to sit atop your current desk, and rise up when you do, to provide comfortable working while extended on the Y axis. The price listed above is for the 35" version, but this platform is available  in sizes between 28" to 42" depending on your needs. And for those with an L-shaped desk, it can also be adapted to sit parallel with your desk or on the central corner.

Amazon Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi system: $200Now $160
Save $40

Amazon Eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi system: was $200 Now $160
Save $40
Now I'll admit to cheaping out on Wi-Fi extenders in the past and then reaping patchy connections and dead spots. As the 6 suggests, this router and double extender bundle uses the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 technology to provide a 4,500 square foot coverage with speeds up to 500Mbps. What sets this particular extender package apart is it's affordability compared to other systems, and with this current offer cutting the price by a further 20%, there has never been a better time to shore up your Wi-Fi coverage. There are a number of deals available for the Eero 6 range, so you can choose the best deal for your needs!

FORTEM Seat Cushion: $50Now $30
Save $20

FORTEM Seat Cushion: was $50 Now $30
Save $20
Sometimes I wish I could take my home office chair everywhere. From the car, to the bus, and especially the office. Obviously that's not practical, but a handy cushion is definitely much more portable. This FORTEM seat cushion features an orthopedic design for both your back and rear, taking the pressure off your tailbone and that pesky sciatic nerve. If you're looking for something to tackle just the pain in one specific area, this seat cushion is available as bundle back and seat support, or each part can be purchased individually (both with their own Black Friday discounts).

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300:$80Now $40
Save $40

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300: was $80 Now $40
Save $40
As someone who has lost a computer to a power surge during a storm, a surge protector is again an investment. I was just a kid back then but I couldn't imagine losing an entire project to freak weather. So I think it's best to spend a little extra on a quality surge protector, especially when it comes with 6 outlets, 3 USB ports and energy monitoring. Now what this power strip has that really blows my mind is voice control support. You can hook this up to an Alexa, Google Assistant or Microsoft Cortana and programme voice commands to turn on specific sockets - and therefore your devices. Busy writing up that end of year report and starting to get a sweat on? Turn on your desk fan without missing a beat. The future is now, people!


Post-it Super Sticky Notes:$16Now $11
Save $5

Post-it Super Sticky Notes: was $16 Now $11
Save $5
I know what you're probably thinking something about having an entire computer in your pocket to take notes on, but I find Post-its to be extraordinarily useful during a busy day. Whether I'm jotting down a quick quote during an interview, or need a handy visual aide to stick to the side of my laptop while giving a presentation, Post-it notes have always got my back. Buying in bulk also saves those extra cents, so double it up with an Black Friday deal and you'll have some serious cash to hand.

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