Hurry up! Vodafone is giving 3-months free on its Pro II Fibre business broadband deal, now with WiFi-6E and 4G backup

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Vodafone Pro II Fibre100 business: Now £36.50 per month (+VAT) with 3-months free

Vodafone Pro II Fibre100 business: Now £36.50 per month (+VAT) with 3-months free
Vodafone is offering a fantastic all-rounder business broadband package that's great for UK SMB. A static IP, a solid Wi-Fi router that supports the latest wireless technology and a price that's surprisingly low

Just a few more days to go before this business broadband offer from Vodafone expires. Save more than £100 - that’s the first three months free - and get free installation when taking a Pro II Fibre100 business broadband contract for at least two years. Then it’s only £36.50 per month or £766.50 + VAT for the remainder of that contract - that’s an effective cost of just under £32 + VAT, without any upfront fee.

The offer includes Vodafone’s most advanced broadband hardware to date which includes a 4G mobile router that acts as a broadband line backup to offer what Vodafone calls an unbreakable connection, switching to wireless mode should wired connectivity give up the ghost.

Based on the more advanced WiFi-6E technology, Pro II Broadband also includes a Mesh Wi-Fi extender as well as dedicated UK-based business support, anytime calls and a static IP address. This allows businesses to access computers remotely, host a website, run CCTV and generally improve the reliability of VOIP internet calls (Voice over IP). 

Vodafone says that the hardware can support more than 150 devices which makes it ideal for a small business. The offer enables you to reach speeds of up to 100Mb/s which I would consider to be the minimum for an SMB. 

Upgrade to upload and download speeds of up to 900 Mbps although you will need to check availability where the business is located. As for most business broadband providers, the monthly price shown will increase by the CPI rate published in January + 3.9%, which is a real burden for UK SMEs.

How does the competition compare

Virgin Media’s Essential bundle 100 is less competitive as it is slightly more expensive overall, doesn’t offer a static IP option and has a worse upload speed. There’s no wireless 4G broadband backup - made even worse by a 48 working hour (or six days) resolution window -  and no additional Wi-Fi extenders to cover notspots. On the other hand, it has a fixed price guarantee. 

Sky Business Pro package on the other hand has a bit more oomph, offering unlimited UK calls, automatic 4G broadband backup, a faster 150Mb/s download speed and standard security as default. Just bear in mind thought that there’s still no Wi-Fi extenders and Sky’s total cost of ownership is significantly higher at £1021.80 (a third more expensive) once you include the £12 delivery and Openreach install fee. 

BT Business Essential plus phone line promises speeds of up to 900 Mb/s download and 104 Mb/s upload with prices starting from £27.95 on a two year contract. On paper at least, it looks like a more decent offer than Vodafone but the fact that the page keeps continuously crashing on us didn’t reflect well on the overall bundle. 

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