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Zepto Znote 6015WD review

A laptop that's not afraid to be different

You'll find a 15.4-inch screen, which is bright and offers plenty of space

Our Verdict

Does most things well but upgrading the memory is strongly recommended


  • Distinctive looks

    Decent features


  • Quite pricey

    Struggles on 512MB of memory

The Zepto Znote 6015WD (£499 inc. VAT) boasts a distinctive design, impressive build quality and features that wouldn't look out of place on more expensive machines.

You'll find a 15.4-inch screen, which is bright and offers plenty of space. It's a standard TFT panel, so lacks the vibrancy found on its rivals with Super-TFT displays. However, because it has a matt finish it reflects far less in direct sunlight, making it ideal for use on the move.

The 6015WD features an integrated graphics card - Intel's GMA 950. This offers enough performance for office tasks, internet use or watching DVDs. Finished in grey and silver, the curvy design of the Zepto sets it apart from other laptops. It offers a firmly mounted display, and the chassis is strong and up to the strains of everyday use.

Widescreen panel

The widescreen display creates plenty of space for a large keyboard, and the keys are responsive and comfortable to use. The touchpad has a widescreen ratio, mirroring the display, and it's integrated neatly into the palmrests. It's responsive, but it's too easy to brush when typing. Because of this, we found ourselves accidentally moving text or clicking buttons as we worked.

Processing power comes from an Intel T2250 Core 2 Duo chip, which runs at 1.73GHz. We found most applications ran smoothly, although with just 512MB of memory holding data ready for the processor, Windows Vista takes quite a while to start and shut down.

We'd recommend upgrading to 1024MB of memory. The 80GB hard drive is average, but should offer more than enough space for most needs.

It's not the cheapest machine, but the 6015WD goes some way to justifying its price when it comes to features. Above the screen there's an integrated webcam, and the 1.3-megapixel resolution is reasonable for video calls.

You'll also find Bluetooth included, letting you wirelessly transfer files to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. When you get into the office, a Gigabit Ethernet adapter enables the fastest possible network connections, and there's an 802.11a/b/g adapter built-in for wireless connections when out on the road.

The Zepto Znote 6015WD is a good machine, and only the poorly positioned touchpad lets it down. It is well made and has a good specification. However, we'd recommend installing more memory on this machine, as it struggles to run Windows Vista convincingly.