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PC Nextday Zoostorm 4-6623 review

Value is this laptop's middle name

Constructed from plastic, the chassis feels firm, but isn't overly robust

Our Verdict

Delivers decent features and performance, but lack of support and back-up discs is a major letdown


  • Good specification for the money

    DVI port


  • Little by way of support

When it comes to styling, the Zoostorm isn't the most flamboyant of laptops. Constructed from plastic, the chassis feels firm, but isn't overly robust.

We noticed there was a good deal of heat build-up on the left-hand side of the machine with the fan running for long periods of time.

However, PC Nextday has added a piece of future-proofing by adding a DVI port, instead of a VGA-out, so you can digitally outsource the 15.4-inch Super-TFT screen to an external panel. The screen is bright and with the Nvidia GeForce 8600M GS graphics chip in support, you'll be able to play games as well as edit video without too many problems.

Where this machine excels is in the value for money of the specification. Based around an Intel dual-core chip with 2048MB of memory in support, we found the system ran quickly. Less appealing was the lack of documentation. A disc with drivers is supplied, but this isn't bootable and with no recovery partition on the hard drive, if you have a problem you'll find it hard to reinstall Windows Vista.

Weighing in at 2.8kg, this is a semi-portable machine that doesn't scrimp on performance or battery life. If you're looking for a powerful desktop alternative, the Zoostorm is worth considering.

That said, there are equally cost-effective machines around that offer much more in the way of support and back-up discs.