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FSC Lifebook P1510 review

Size may not be everything but space can be...

The FSC Lifebook P1510 is small and lightweight making it truly portable but slightly cramped

Our Verdict

The Fujitsu Siemens P1510 is certainly a lightweight solution, but we found it a little too cramped and small for daily use


  • Light and eminently portable


  • Keyboard size

    Screen size

The Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P1510 is more a sub-notebook system and weighing 1kg, it's light enough to carry without it being a hindrance. FSC has managed to get the P Series to this size through the use of an 8.9-inch digitised screen. It looks small, but is fine for viewing documents, though not so ideal when it comes to writing on the screen.

Its size also limits the keyboard, which is compact and the keys take some time to grow accustomed to. Powered by an Intel Pentium M 753(1.2GHz), this is an ultra-low voltage chip, designed to prolong battery life rather than for performance. This was reflected in a MobileMark 2005 score of 154.

Capable of handling office tasks with ease, you'll want to use this system as your secondary machine or email client on the go. FSC bundled the P1510 with a mini docking station that offers two USB 2.0 ports, an external monitor port for linking to a larger display, and Ethernet, as the unit itself can only connect using Bluetooth or wireless LAN. The real problem is the screen, which is too small to use effectively as a tablet.