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America inaugurates 'first digital President'

Barack Obama gets a high-tech inauguration
Barack Obama gets a high-tech inauguration

Whether you were watching the inauguration live in the sunshine of DC, or via a video stream with the BBC's bizarre commentary ("very unusually it has turned noon here in Washington"), you were probably posting about it on Facebook.

Figures just released by the world's largest social network site show that the inauguration of Barack Obama confirmed his title as America's 'first digital President'.

There were over 600,000 status updates posted through the Live Facebook feed, with Obama's page accumulating 4 million fans and over 500,000 wall posts.

Status: happy

There were an average of 4,000 status updates every minute during the inauguration, rising to 8,500 updates every minute when President Obama began his speech.

President Obama's speech emphasized the important of solar and wind power, praised technology for its ability to lessen the cost of healthcare (er, has he had a CAT scan recently?) and promised to improve the nation's digital infrastructure.

Microsoft will be assembling a number of Photosynths - interactive 3D renderings - of the occasion at its Photosynth website, and now all the fuss is over you can attend a celebratory Inauguration Ball in Second Life Don't forget your Yes We Can badge now....