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Hulu signs big exclusives with Seinfeld and The Walking Dead spin-off

The Walking Dead

UPDATE: Hulu announced today that it will start streaming every episode of Seinfeld on June 24.

Hulu hasn't always had it easy. From struggles with Comcast to a straggling viewer base, the company has had its fair share of hurdles.

But the wind of change is blowing for the Fox and Disney-owned streaming site as a new deal with AMC over the upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off could send new subscribers running to the service faster than the undead in 28 Days Later.

Hulu announced today that it will be the only streaming website to air Fear the Walking Dead once the show premieres sometime later this summer.

And while there's probably a caveat here somewhere, the fact that Hulu is getting this exclusive one day after signing a deal for the rights to Seinfeld and one week after it announced it will stream content from Cartoon Network, Adultswim, TBS, and TNT shows a shift in the tide.

Recent numbers still show Hulu is lagging behind the competition (it has around 6 million subscribers compared to Netflix's 62), but the company seems dead set on dredging up new business in 2015.