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Pick your favourite friends with T-Mobile

MyFaves lists your five top friends and lets you call and text them free of charge

As of next week, T-Mobile will let you call your best friends free of charge. Anyone who signs up to T-Mobile's MyFaves plan will get to pick five friends whose contact details will be immediately accessible by pressing just one button.

Better still, T-Mobilers will be able to call, text or send picture messages to those five friends free of charge. You can phone landlines as well as mobile numbers across all networks, at any time of the day.

Enticing you to talk more often

Three MyFaves price plans are available: MyFaves 25/35/45, costing £25, £35, and £45 per month respectively. This includes the unlimited calls to five key people, plus inclusive voice and text allowances for the month.

Available from 1 November, T-Mobile's MyFaves service is available on the following handsets: the Nokia 6300, Samsung D900i, Samsung U600, Sony Ericsson K770 and Sony Ericsson W880. More handsets will be supported later in the next year.