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Leak shows an Intel 32-core monster CPU to keep up with AMD

A 32-core (64-thread) monster CPU from Intel, apparently the Skylake ‘Purley’ flagship, is the subject of the latest leak to emerge in the processor world.

Details of the chip were spilled via a Geekbench performance benchmark (as spotted by, and this is allegedly likely to be the Xeon E5 2699 v5.

The 32-core CPU managed to produce some breath-taking numbers in Geekbench, with a multi-core score of 49,647, hitting 3,526 when it came to single-core performance.

As notes, that’s probably the highest multi-core benchmark ever achieved on Geekbench (when talking about single socket processors).

Apparently the chip is for an upgraded LGA 3647 socket and operates with a base clock of 2.1GHz (although the Geekbench details show it running at 2.3GHz). ‘Purley’ also promises better power efficiency (naturally) and will support 6-channel DDR4 (up from 4-channel).

Scores on the cores

What’s also very interesting here is that Purley was previously said to max out at up to 28-cores, but Intel has reportedly upped the ante in order to match AMD’s Naples processors which offer up to 32-cores.

AMD officially unveiled its Naples CPUs a couple of weeks back, offering some very impressive claimed performance levels when compared to the current Xeon E5-2699A v4 (the latter runs to 22-cores). These chips aim to make a big impact in the server market (following the recent release of Ryzen CPUs for desktop PCs).

Of course, pricing will be a key point in the battle between these beefy processors, and it’s likely that this particular Intel monster will carry a weighty price tag to say the least.