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Adobe's Presentations rivals PowerPoint

Adobe Presentations - slideshows from all over the world
Adobe Presentations - slideshows from all over the world

Adobe has added a new feature to its experimental 'Labs' line-up - the chance to create work slideshows using its new 'Presentations' online program.

Users will be able to collaborate from all over the globe and work together to create the ultimate presentation to show whatever it is these people like to make. We'd imagine something with a chart involving numbers, and perhaps throw in a pie graph for good measure.

Get out of it!

Users will be able to change elements of the presentation without having to wait for another colleague to be out of it.

It features a whole host of presentation building tools and layouts, and thanks to being online users won't need to have the latest version just to see what's being put together.

And obviously, with the program being online and collaborative, anyone can access the files from any computer with a web connection, so no more soiling your pants when you realise you've left a crucial flash drive at home.

It's free and all you have to do is sign up, so head over to Adobe Labs now and check it out. You'll be economising the global output backhaul with an optimised work force in key territories in no time, with minimal downtime and streamlined cholesterol reduction.