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Lenovo's new ThinkStation workstations spill beans on Intel Haswell-E Xeon

Manning the ThinkStations

Lenovo has refreshed its ThinkStation workstation range with three new SKUs added to the portfolio, ranging from the P500 all the way to the top of the range P900 series. They complement the entry level P300 announced earlier this year.

The announcement marks the first time a major PC maker has lifted the lid on a product based on Intel's next generation Xeon processor, which is set to make its formal appearance over the next few weeks.

All three new workstations will support the new Haswell-E Xeon with the P500 supporting one processor, while the P700 and the P900 are dual-capable.

The latter, the company's flagship workstation, comes with a 1.3KW PSU, supports up to 1TB DDR4 (using 16 64GB DIMMs), houses up to four Nvidia K6000 cards, links to up to 14 storage devices (with 12Gbps SAS and up to 32Gbps PCIe), has two GbE ports and a whopping 10 expansion slots.

Maintenance work

Lenovo's designers have also worked hard on improving overall maintenance. The new range features a clean, modular design with tool-less upgrades integrated handles, QR codes for support questions and a handy diagnostic port (to which you can connect an Android-device loaded with a ThinkStation app).

The P Series workstations will be available later this year and Lenovo has yet to confirm the list price for the three workstations. A Xeon-based P300 currently retails for around £800 (around $1400, AU$ 1500).

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