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ARM announces partnership with GlobalFoundries

ARM's racing for 28nm
ARM's racing for 28nm

ARM has announced a long term relationship with GlobalFoundries which will bring 28nm technology to the mobile chip giant.

The oft-mentioned system-on-a-chip will be the focus of the partnership, which will combine technology and research from ARM and the manufacturing capabilities of GlobalFoundries.

Chips using 28nm technology are becoming increasingly important - the smaller nanometre process allows for lower power consumption, higher potential frequencies and, most importantly, more transistors and capability.

Best in class

"This announcement reflects our business value and strategy of providing best in class processor implementation by marrying our own processor and physical IP with world class manufacturing semiconductor technology," said ARM CEO Warren East.

"This collaboration with GlobalFoundries and their commitment to delivering leading edge technology makes them an ideal partner to accelerate the adoption of ARM processor based technology at 28nm."

ARM, which is headquartered in Cambridge, is best know for its mobile chips and is currently providing processors for both the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre.

System-on-a-chip (SoC), as the name suggests, is about putting all the components required for computing on a single chip.

Via Tom's Hardware