YouTube videos on PS5 will soon look a whole lot better

Sony PS5 console standing up
(Image credit: Sony)

It’s the most-used video player in the world, but the YouTube app on PS5 was a step behind the competition when it came to the way it presented its video catalog. That’s all changed today, with the console’s version of YouTube now finally supporting HDR video.

HDR (high dynamic range) boosts contrast and color range on the best PS5 games, Netflix videos, and other video services, and it’ll finally now do the same on YouTube too.

The video format is increasingly becoming the norm when partnered with 4K resolution – though does require a compatible television to take advantage of it. 

Highly desirable range

While many YouTube videos are still presented in SDR format, the number of content creators embracing HDR (as well as the number of mobile recording devices supporting it) means that you’re only going to see more HDR content land on the video platform in the months and years to come.

According to FlatPanels HD, the update should be live on consoles, bringing parity to the older PS4 Pro console – not to mention the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S competition from Microsoft.

If you’re looking for more on HDR, make sure to read up on our HDR explainer, while we’re also cherry-picking our favorite HDR TVs in our ever-updated best TV buying guide.

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