You can attach a 5GB file to an email thanks to this new service

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Sharing large files over email is about to get a whole lot easier as Edison Software has announced the public beta of a brand new independent email service called OnMail that gives users full control over their inboxes.

While the company is known for its Edison Mail app on Apple's App Store, it has now created a new email service that allows users to choose who can enter their inbox, what mail address reflects their identity and how their mailbox is structured with anti-tracking technology built-in to stop invasive ad targeting.

Signing up for OnMail's Personal tier will be free and users will have access to 10GB of cloud storage with a 100MB attachment file size limit. However, the service's paid plans bump up the amount of storage per user while also increasing the file size limit.

OnMail's Freelance plan for $4.99 per month per users gives you 20GB of storage, a 250MB attachment file size limit, a free custom domain and password protection for large file links. OnMail's Professional plan for one to five people increases the amount of storage to 100GB and allows users to send 1GB files as email attachments for $9.99 per month per user. Finally, the service's Business plan for more than six people provides 1TB of cloud storage, a 5GB attachment file size limit, premium support and more.

OnMail features

OnMail gives users back control of their inboxes with its new Permission Control feature that allows them to accept or block email senders. This happens before a message even enters their mailbox and unsubscribe functionality is also built into the service.

OnMail's paid plans provide users with a free custom domain so that they can ensure their email address matches their identity or brand. This removes the need to shop for and purchase a third party domain provider.

Edison Software's anti-tracking technology automatically blocks all read receipts from ad targeters trying to monitor users' email behavior. OnMail also includes a split inbox feature that allows for the creation of several customizable inboxes, improved search functionality and an AI-based assistant to automatically categorize emails and remind users to follow up on messages that have not received a response yet.

CEO of Edison Software Mikael Berner explained why the company created OnMail in a press release, saying:

“Every aspect of email that our Edison team has worked on for the past decade has led us to the creation of OnMail. We’ve worked tirelessly toward our mission of bringing happiness back to using email, and this is an email service that reflects that effort. Email has scaled beyond its original design, and OnMail is made to be what email should look and feel like in today’s world.”

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