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Toshiba bets big on Internet-of-Things

Toshiba is likely to invest even more in wearable technology.
Toshiba is likely to invest even more in wearable technology.

Toshiba has announced that it will consolidate all its technology business units into an inhouse Cloud and Solutions company.

Toshiba's current Corporate Information Systems Division, Corporate Software Engineering Center, and part of Toshiba Solutions Corporation's system integration business, will be merged into the Cloud & Solutions Company.

In addition, Toshiba I.S. Corporation, which supplies information systems and services to the Toshiba Group, will become a subsidiary of the Cloud & Solutions Company.

The move comes as Toshiba has made of IoT-related business a priority with a resolute focus on software solutions (big-data analysis technology, real-time information processing technology) rather than solely on hardware.

The CS group will work across Toshiba's business segments, with the company hoping to create a common IoT platform that it says will "serve as [an] infrastructure for offering advanced connectivity of systems and devices over the internet".

Toshiba announced in September that it was restructuring its PC business to focus on the more lucrative B2B market, a move that meant cutting 900 jobs in the process.

The company will boost its product lines for businesses with more Satellite Pro, Tecra and Portege SKU likely to launch this year.