One More Thing: Facebook takes step into ad nauseum

One More Thing: Facebook takes step into ad nauseum
Not thanks for the ad, Facebook

Dislike - Soon cometh the day when Facebook allows sponsored stories from companies you don't 'Like' into your news feed. First a 'small test', next the norm. [Adweek]

Bill Gates gets wasted – Everyone knows that Windows ME was the first time Bill Gates invested in excrement, but now the computing billionaire is trying his hand at toilet tech again. Gates has coughed up £2.2 million for a 're-inventing the toilet' challenge. Here's hoping his investment doesn't loo-se him money. Saying that, Gates is so flushed he could have pissed his cash away, so it's lovely to see him spend it on a project worthwhile and not just on lav-ish gifts. [Sky News]

Do believe the hype – the US has completed a test-flight of one of its supersonic jets, and although the results of the test are still unknown it is hoped the unmanned craft reached speeds of Mach 6. Mach 6 is the type of speed that could get you from London to New York in just 60 minutes although it's thought a plane delivering those speeds won't be commercially available until 2050, but it's still exciting to see supersonic jets back in the news, given that Concorde is sadly no longer with us. [BBC]

Like a Virgin – Virgin Media has launched an app on Spotify, offering the latest reviews of bands, some curated content and playlists featuring artists set to appear at this year's V Festival. The app is free to all, even if you're not a Virgin customer.

Pop-up concerts – Fresh from his Pink Floyd tinged stint at the closing ceremony of the Olympics, Ed Sheeran is embracing AR. Teaming up with rapper Devlin and AR gurus Aurasma, fans can watch a free virtual concert of the pair by pointing their phone at posters across the country. All they need to do is download Aurasmas free app and hey presto you have yourself a mini-er Sheeran. [Aurasma]

iPhone 5 set to be sex substitute – A new survey has found that 11 per cent of men would give up sex just to get their hands on the upcoming iPhone 5 a few weeks early. We're a little suspicious of this – how can you give up something you don't actually have? [T3]

Raiders of the lost piggy bank – The first Indiana Jones flick looks set to roll its way into IMAX as a door crunches shut behind it, reaching back to snatch its hat just in the nick of time. The as good as confirmed megascreen release of Raiders of the Lost Ark will precede the Indy Blu-ray boxset's debut which, unfortunately, comes with the fourth instalment Indiana Jones and the Annihilation of Fond Childhood Memories. [Hollywood Reporter]

Chop chop - We long for the day we can just chuck our food into a weird ball thing and let lasers chop it into geometrically exact slices, as per this kitchen gadget concept, Blitz. [James Dyson Award]

Homework - A student who is not slacking, he gives you his word, took to Yahoo Answers to seek a full report on The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To by DC Pierson instead of just, yknow, reading it. Yes, Yahoo Answers, that bastion of academic accuracy. It paid off though, as Pierson himself responded by assuring the reluctant reader that there's plenty of sex, swearing and drugs in his book so maybe give it a go? Well, that's us sold. We're downloading it to our Kindles as we speak. [Geekosystem]

Erie Indiana - Weirdly prescient American kids from 1995 claim that the internet will be on phones and TVs and shopping centres 'by the time we're in college'. We'd suggest they were sent back from the future but there's no way those '90s threads aren't legit. [The Daily What]

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